Trump Praises NYPD Action at Columbia, Slams Biden on Protests and Economy

Former President Donald Trump praised the New York Police Department for taking action to remove protesting college students from Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall during a recent campaign event in Wisconsin. Trump commended the officers for their swift and effective response in maintaining law and order on the campus.

The former president criticized President Joe Biden for not addressing the protests and urged college presidents to remove encampments and reclaim campuses from what he described as “radical extremists and far-left agitators.” Trump also took the opportunity to criticize Biden’s handling of the economy, citing high inflation and rising prices for groceries and gas.

In his speech, Trump emphasized the importance of states having the authority to make decisions regarding abortion access, echoing his support for allowing states to determine their own policies on the issue. He made these remarks on the same day that a six-week abortion ban went into effect in Florida, his home state.

Trump’s rallies in Michigan and Wisconsin are significant as these states, along with Pennsylvania, form the “blue wall” that could determine the outcome of the November election. Both Trump and Biden have been actively campaigning in these states to secure support from their respective bases.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) placed billboards in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, ahead of Trump’s visit, criticizing the former president’s stance on abortion. The DNC spokesperson accused Trump of being responsible for abortion bans and highlighted their support for President Biden and Vice President Harris as advocates for protecting women’s rights.

The former president’s remarks at the rallies reflected his ongoing engagement with political issues and his stance on key policy matters as the 2024 election approaches.

Written by Staff Reports

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