Trump Pushes for US-Made Bitcoin to Bolster Energy Dominance

Former President Donald Trump is calling for the remaining Bitcoin to be made in America to help the country’s energy dominance. He posted on Truth Social, saying that voting for him is crucial because Bitcoin mining is the last defense against a central bank digital currency. Trump believes that President Biden’s disapproval of Bitcoin only benefits other countries like China, Russia, and the radical Communist Left.

Recently, Trump hosted Bitcoin miners at his Florida Mar-a-Lago estate, where he pledged his support for the industry. He has also been praised as the best choice for Bitcoin in a report from Bitcoin Magazine, which he referenced in his post. At the Libertarian National Convention, Trump assured attendees that he would protect Bitcoin from politicians like Senator Elizabeth Warren and prevent the creation of a central bank digital currency. 


In contrast, President Biden has shown caution towards cryptocurrency, vetoing legislation that aimed to eliminate a Securities and Exchange Commission rule related to crypto assets. He emphasized the importance of protective measures for consumers and investors in harnessing the potential benefits of crypto-asset innovation. However, Trump’s advocacy for American-made Bitcoin and his commitment to supporting the industry sets a different tone compared to the current administration’s approach.

Written by Staff Reports

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