Trump Scorches GOP Defectors: Loyalty or Oblivion?

Former President Donald Trump is reportedly fuming at some Republican politicians who haven’t jumped on the Trump 2024 train, including his former foe, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. Trump is not holding back on expressing his frustration, as he reportedly let loose on Cruz in a fiery private rant, with one report even claiming he said Cruz “shouldn’t even exist.” Yikes, talk about not mincing words!

In case you forgot, Cruz and Trump butted heads back in 2016 during the GOP primary, and Trump didn’t pull any punches in expressing his disdain for Cruz by boasting, “I could’ve destroyed him. I kind of did destroy him in 2016, if you think about it. But then I let him live.” You have to hand it to Trump, he never lacks confidence, that’s for sure.

Now, Cruz didn’t exactly rush to endorse the former president in 2016, waiting until September, just a couple of months before the election. And it seems that his hesitation in coming aboard the Trump train this time around is not sitting well with the former president.

Trump isn’t just looking for lukewarm “support” from his fellow Republicans, either. He wants the formal stamp of approval with full-fledged endorsements. And he isn’t shy about celebrating those who do show their support, like gloating over snagging the endorsement of House Majority Whip Tom Emmer. Looks like Trump is all about that loyal following, and anyone who doesn’t pledge loyalty may find themselves in the hot seat.

Of course, Trump is not worried about his chances at all. Polls have consistently shown him as the top contender for the GOP nomination, and he’s been stacking up those endorsements like they’re going out of style. There’s no doubt he’s feeling pretty good about his prospects for 2024.


Written by Staff Reports

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