Trump Scorches “Weak” Pence for 2024 Cold Shoulder!

Former President Donald Trump did not hold back when responding to his former vice president’s refusal to endorse him, making it clear that he has no time for “weak people.” He declared that the country is in need of patriots and strong individuals, taking a dig at Mike Pence as he considers his options for potential running mates in the 2024 election.

During his appearance at the Florida primary, Trump shrugged off Pence’s lack of support, expressing his dismissive attitude by stating, “I couldn’t care less.” He emphasized the need for strong leadership, asserting that the country is rapidly declining and calling for individuals with strength and patriotism to step up.

Pence, on the other hand, broke his silence on Friday, stating that he could not endorse Trump and pointing out the stark differences between their views and policies. He highlighted their disagreements on various issues, including their constitutional duties on Jan. 6, and criticized Trump for deviating from the conservative agenda they had previously championed.

The former vice president made it clear that he distanced himself from Trump on matters such as the national debt, the stance on a federal TikTok ban, and the approach to abortion. Pence’s decision to step away from Trump stems from the events of Jan. 6, 2021, which led him to launch a 2024 presidential campaign, albeit short-lived.

Despite his refusal to support Trump, Pence affirmed that he would not cast his vote for President Joe Biden, staying true to his conservative beliefs. As the rift between Trump and his former deputy continues to widen, the political landscape remains tumultuous and filled with uncertainty.

Written by Staff Reports

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