Trump Ticket Triumph: AG Titans Back POTUS Ballot Bid!

In an absolutely shocking turn of events, three former U.S. attorneys general, including the legendary Bill Barr, are making it crystal clear that they believe the great Donald J. Trump is absolutely qualified to be on the presidential ballot. That’s right, folks. Despite all the liberal malarkey trying to keep Trump off the ballot, these fearless former attorneys general are stepping up to fight for truth, justice, and the American way!

This amicus brief, which is basically a super official legal document, was filed in the Supreme Court by the legal powerhouse team of Gene Schaerr of Schaerr Jaffe LLP. The brief argues that the Colorado court’s decision to bar Trump from the ballot is a total “misrepresentation” of the law and would basically be a disaster for our beloved democratic republic if it were to stand. And believe us, no one wants to see our democracy go down the tubes faster than a Biden press conference.

The amicus makes it clear that the Insurrection Clause, also known as Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment, wasn’t meant to apply to presidential candidates at all. It’s all about historical context, people! The folks behind this brief are digging deep into the history books to show that the framers of the Fourteenth Amendment were more concerned about former Confederates sneaking into Congress than some bold and brash leader like Trump taking the helm.

The brief also points out that the language of the amendment doesn’t even mention the presidency, so trying to use it to keep Trump off the ballot is like trying to use a snowblower in the desert – totally useless! And get this – the amicus argues that even if Trump did engage in insurrection (spoiler alert: he didn’t), he still can’t be excluded from any presidential election ballot on that basis.

But wait, there’s more! The amicus is not pulling any punches when it argues that Section Three is not self-executing (whatever that means), and there’s actually a whole federal insurrection statute that Congress put in place to deal with this kind of stuff. And guess what? You won’t find President Trump’s name anywhere near that statute because he never even got close to it.

The cherry on top of this legal masterpiece is the argument that no partisan public official should have the power to disqualify a candidate from the opposing party. I mean, can you imagine if some Republican official pulled the same shenanigans and tried to keep Biden off the ballot? It would be total chaos, folks!

In the end, the brief makes it clear that unless Congress passes a brand-spanking-new statute, Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment doesn’t stop anyone from running for president. So, there you have it, folks. The truth has been laid out in black and white, and it’s looking like President Trump is on his way to making a YUGE comeback. Let’s make America great again, baby!

Written by Staff Reports

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