Trump Triumphs: Unanimous Vote Keeps Him on Illinois Ballot!

The Illinois Board of Elections has unanimously agreed to let former President Donald Trump stay on the state’s ballot for the presidential race. You heard it right, folks! The board, which is made up of both Democrats and Republicans, voted 8-0 to stick with their decision, saying it’s not their job to determine if Trump is eligible to run under the Constitution. Case closed!

Some folks had the audacity to argue that Trump shouldn’t be allowed to run because of the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021. They claimed he committed an insurrection, but the board just wasn’t having it. They made it crystal clear that they’re not in the business of judging whether someone engaged in an insurrection or not. That’s for the courts to decide, and the board ain’t touching it with a ten-foot pole!

Now, even though some board members believe Trump was behind the insurrection, they still kept him on the ballot. One member, Catherine McCrory, didn’t hold back, saying she thinks there was an insurrection, but she knows it’s not her place to rule on it. You tell ’em, Catherine!

But Trump’s legal eagles swooped in and argued that the board had no business poking their noses into his eligibility under the Constitution. And you know what? They swayed the board with their legal prowess. Trump might’ve been deemed unfit by the Colorado Supreme Court and Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows, but Illinois is saying, “Not on our watch!”

So, it looks like Trump is all set to duke it out in the Republican primary in Illinois on March 19. Let the games begin, folks! And to those sore losers trying to kick Trump off the ballot, better luck next time!

Written by Staff Reports

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