Trump Trounces Biden in AZ Polls, Dems in Disarray!

Attention patriots and freedom-loving Americans, we’ve got some juicy news out of Arizona that’s sure to make you smile! It looks like former President Donald J. Trump is leading the charge in the Grand Canyon State, with polling numbers that are giving Democrats heart palpitations.

The Kari Lake campaign, a staunch ally of President Trump, has released a memo showing that the former president is outperforming President Joe Biden in Arizona, with a rock-solid 46% polling average compared to Biden’s tepid 42%. This should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention, considering the huge crowds and unwavering support Trump has received at his rallies.

But wait, it gets better! The memo also reveals that in a hypothetical three-way Senate race between Lake, Rep. Ruben Gallego, and incumbent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, Lake is leading the pack with 37%, while Sinema is trailing behind at a measly 15%. Looks like the establishment’s attempts to prop up Sinema are crashing and burning faster than a Democrat’s hopes of passing a budget without bankrupting the country.

Now, here’s the icing on the cake: the Arizona Senate race is currently rated as a toss-up, and Sinema’s decision to leave the Democratic Party and identify as an independent has set the stage for a three-way showdown in this crucial swing state. With independent voters making up a whopping 35% of the electorate, the GOP has a golden opportunity to rally these freedom-loving individuals to their cause and secure a major victory in 2024.

But hold on to your red hats, folks, because there’s even more good news for conservatives! The Democrats are on the defensive with a whopping 23 Senate seats to defend in 2024, compared to just 11 for the Republicans. And with Sen. Joe Manchin announcing he won’t seek reelection, his seat has shifted from a toss-up to solid Republican, bringing the GOP one step closer to reclaiming the Senate majority.


Written by Staff Reports

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