Trump Wishes Biden Well After Fall: Can’t Even Handle Level Ground!

Former President Trump reacted with humor and concern to President Biden’s latest tumble. During a campaign event in Iowa on Thursday, Trump was informed by a member of the audience that Biden had tripped and fell during a speech, requiring assistance from Secret Service personnel. “He fell down? Well, I hope he wasn’t hurt,” Trump said, showing his caring side. “The whole thing is crazy, you gotta be careful about that, because you don’t want that.”

Trump’s cheeky side also came to the surface when he added, “Even if you have to tip-toe down a ramp,” mocking past claims from Biden about his superior physical ability. Biden had previously boasted that he “runs up” ramps while Trump stumbles down them. However, as evidenced by his latest fall, Biden appears to have trouble managing even level ground.

Trump’s references to Biden’s past falls were not without reason. Biden has frequently stumbled and even almost fell when ascending the stairs of Air Force One. His mental ability has also been called into question by presidential hopefuls, including Trump, due to his frequent rambling and seemingly confused displays.

Thursday’s incident was perhaps the most significant, and certainly the most recent, of such falls. In fact, prior to his speech, Biden appeared lost when attempting to find the stage and needed to be directed by aides.

Despite Trump’s humorous jabs, he genuinely wishes the best for his political rival. As he put it, “you gotta be careful about that, because you don’t want that.” Even in the midst of heated political campaigns, it’s important to remember that health and safety should come before any political gains.

Written by Staff Reports

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