UN Forced to Halve Gaza Death Toll, Admits Relying on Hamas Data

The United Nations recently had to cut in half their previous estimates of women and children who died in Gaza, and it’s quite embarrassing for them. Originally, they claimed over 9,500 women and 14,500 children were killed, but now they’re saying it’s actually fewer than 5,000 women and 8,000 children. This huge discrepancy raises serious questions about the reliability of their information. 


It seems the UN was relying on numbers from sources controlled by Hamas, a terrorist group known for spreading misinformation. Even though they admitted to using inaccurate figures, the UN spokesperson still insists their current numbers are trustworthy. This lack of transparency and accountability is concerning, especially when shaping international policy based on unverified data.

Critics like Hillel Neuer from UN Watch have pointed out the flaws in the UN’s methods and the questionable nature of their sourcing. Without proper verification and evidence, these revised numbers could also be inaccurate. It’s crucial to demand accuracy and accountability from organizations that play a significant role in global affairs.

The media and some politicians, including Joe Biden, have been quick to jump on these unreliable numbers to criticize Israel. But with the credibility of the UN’s data now in question, it begs the question of whether these attacks are based on facts or political agendas. It’s important to stay skeptical of information that lacks solid verification, especially when lives are at stake.

The left’s reaction to the revised numbers is telling – instead of acknowledging the decrease in reported deaths, they choose to attack those questioning the UN’s credibility. This kind of partisan defense only serves to muddy the waters further and prevent a clear understanding of the situation. It’s crucial to prioritize truth and accuracy over political narratives, especially in sensitive matters like casualties in conflict zones.

Written by Staff Reports

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