Zakaria Doubts Biden Win as Trump Leads in Polls

On Sunday, a political expert named Fareed Zakaria shared his thoughts on the upcoming 2024 election, and it doesn’t look good for Joe Biden, the current president. Zakaria believed that Biden’s key to victory would be the stability he promised after the challenging times of COVID-19 and the previous presidency.

Interestingly, Zakaria predicted that the former president, Donald Trump, would create discord among Republicans, potentially boosting Democrats’ chances. However, Zakaria admitted that he was wrong in his predictions. Trump is now leading in many swing states, signaling trouble for Biden’s re-election prospects. 


Zakaria highlighted that Trump’s lead in handling the economy has significantly increased, with a vast majority of voters trusting Trump over Biden in economic matters. This shift could pose a significant challenge for Biden in the upcoming election.

Furthermore, Zakaria expressed concerns about Biden’s handling of cultural issues like immigration and the Israel-Hamas conflict. The lack of unity within the Democratic Party over these matters could further harm Biden’s chances, especially as Republicans rally behind Trump.

In addition to these challenges, Zakaria acknowledged that Biden is receiving little credit for the purportedly strong economy. Despite attempts to showcase economic successes, Biden is not gaining much traction with voters on this front.

Zakaria suggested that in order to improve his chances, Biden would need to take bold and decisive actions, such as changing asylum policies. However, he remains doubtful that Biden can reverse the current trendlines working against him. It appears that the road to re-election may be a steep uphill battle for President Biden, as indicated by Zakaria’s analysis.

Written by Staff Reports

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