UN Ignores Hamas Abuses, Focuses on Trivial Matters Instead!

October 7th was a tragic day for Israel and the Jewish people, as it marked the bloodiest day in the country’s history since the Holocaust. The brutal actions of Hamas, including the rape, torture, and killing of innocent women, were absolutely horrifying. To make matters worse, Hamas even paraded the naked bodies of their victims, showing a complete lack of respect and decency.

As if that wasn’t enough, the UN Women account chose to prioritize International Lesbian Day on October 8th, rather than condemning the despicable actions of Hamas. Not only did they disregard the brutal treatment of women, but they also pushed a pro-transgender agenda, claiming that “trans lesbians are lesbians too.” This is a clear example of how trans issues have taken precedence over women’s causes and spaces.

Many people expressed their outrage at the UN Women’s account for this insensitive and tone-deaf message. It’s disheartening to see a supposedly women-focused organization ignore the suffering of women at the hands of terrorists. Instead of standing up for the victims, the UN Women’s account chose to make a generic statement about protecting civilians, completely avoiding the specific atrocities committed by Hamas.

The overall UN body’s account has also shown a bias against Israel, equating them with Palestine and failing to address the horrific treatment of women. This bias is not surprising, as the UN has a long history of unfairly targeting Israel and questioning their right to exist. It is clear that the UN has failed in its mission to prevent conflicts and protect the rights of all nations.

In times like these, it is important for international organizations to stand up for justice and condemn acts of terrorism. The UN Women’s account and the overall UN body have failed to do so. It’s time for these organizations to prioritize the well-being and empowerment of women, rather than pushing their own political agendas. Israel deserves our support and solidarity in the face of such evil acts.

Written by Staff Reports

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