Van Jones Caught Out in Real-Time Fact-Check on CNN!

Van Jones, the liberal CNN commentator who always finds a way to butt in while his conservative counterparts are talking, got a taste of his own medicine recently. You see, Jones was desperately trying to defend the Biden administration’s claim that their electric vehicle policies will actually help the auto union workers who are currently on strike. But here’s the thing, his defense was not only factually inaccurate, but also pretty laughable.

Jones was responding to President Biden’s assertion that promoting the green economy doesn’t mean sacrificing the jobs of our hardworking auto workers. According to Biden, the assembly lines for electric vehicles don’t require the same production plants as gas-powered vehicles. Well, Jones took this opportunity to attack former President Trump, claiming that his appeals to the UAW (United Automobile Workers) were just a facade for his anti-worker policies. Nice try, Jones.

Let’s break this down. Trump, with his talk of NAFTA and other trade deals, actually managed to crack the so-called “blue wall” and appeal to blue-collar workers in 2016. And now, we’re seeing a surge in labor strikes, with over 300,000 American workers protesting for better conditions. Unions matter, and they’re up for grabs.

But here’s where Jones went off the rails. He claimed that Biden’s policies are fantastic for these workers. Really? Because an internal memo from the UAW in May clearly stated that the government was pouring billions into the electric vehicle transition without any commitment to helping the workers. The union wants national leadership to have their back before they make any commitments. And that’s exactly what Republican politicians are pointing out – Biden’s focus on the green economy is coming at the expense of American workers.

So, while Van Jones may enjoy interrupting and spewing his liberal talking points on TV, it’s clear that his defense of the Biden administration’s electric vehicle policies just doesn’t hold up. Workers deserve better than empty promises and virtue signaling. It’s time for real leadership that puts American jobs first.

Written by Staff Reports

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