Van Jones’ Rushmore Fantasy: Biden’s Bust Among Legends?

In a mind-boggling suggestion, CNN political contributor Van Jones has reportedly proposed that President Joe Biden, who banned Fourth of July celebrations at Mt. Rushmore in 2021, 2022, and 2023, should have his face immortalized on the mountainside. During the Fourth 2024 GOP Primary Debate, Jones allegedly exclaimed that Biden is so revered by Democrats for his “accomplishments” that he should be enshrined on the memorial. If Joe Biden were to quit right now, he’d be on Mount Rushmore, Jones claimed.

Former Republican candidate for US Congress Josh Barnett responded incredulously to Jones’ proposal, questioning what specific accomplishments Biden had achieved. Furthermore, Brent Scher ridiculed Jones’ assertion, suggesting that the claim was so outlandish that it was laughable, adding to the ongoing criticism of CNN’s viewership.

Adding fuel to the fire, a little-seen report given by Rep. Harriet Hageman on November 29th revealed that Biden planned to house thousands of illegal aliens in tent cities within our national parks. According to Hageman, this plan would not only debase our national heritage but also blatantly violate numerous federal statutes governing the management and protection of our national parks.

Despite Jones’ assertion, Biden’s approval ratings are plummeting even among Democrats. A late November poll from CNN, Jones’ own network, found that Biden’s approval rating among US adults is a mere 37%, with a matching disapproval rate of 63%. This marked decline in approval spans across various demographic groups, including college graduates, Black Americans, Latino Americans, older and younger individuals, as well as those with different levels of education.

Considering these existing controversies, Jones has faced significant criticism for his stances this year on law enforcement and the Israel-Hamas War, and his disbelief that Biden is losing support from Black voters who are turning to former President Donald Trump has only added to the mounting opposition to his propositions. It is safe to say that Jones’ suggested addition to Mt. Rushmore has been met with widespread skepticism and criticism, both from the public and politicians across the political spectrum.

Written by Staff Reports

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