WaPo’s Rubin Attacks Trump Fans as ‘Fascist Cult’ on MSNBC!

This week’s Liberal Media Scream features the Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin on her mission to bash former President Donald Trump and anyone who supports him. This time, she went on MSNBC to spew her hatred for Trump and his supporters, calling them “part of a fascist cult” and claiming they are “impervious to any kind of data, any kind of information.”

In her appearance on Velshi, Rubin let loose with her disdain for the masses attending Trump’s rallies, accusing them of being irrational and comparing them to followers of fascist regimes. According to her, the only people worth convincing are those who already agree with her, and she believes it’s her job to “reaffirm and reeducate” those who might be on the fence about Trump. In other words, she sees herself as the savior of the ignorant masses, leading the charge against the perceived “danger” of Trump.

Baker, the vice president of research and publications for the Media Research Center, hit the nail on the head when he called out Rubin’s condescension and arrogance. He rightfully pointed out that Rubin’s insults are vile and offensive, showing her total disregard for the democratic process and for Americans who simply have a different political opinion than hers. Instead of promoting political discourse and understanding, she vilifies those who don’t share her beliefs and aims to silence them rather than engage with them in any meaningful way.

Rubin’s comments on MSNBC are a perfect example of the liberal media’s refusal to accept differing viewpoints. Instead of trying to understand and respect the democratic process, she dismisses and belittles those who don’t align with her political views. Her biased and condescending attitude toward Trump and his supporters only further divides the country and undermines the very democracy she claims to care about. It’s no wonder her remarks earn a FOUR out of FIVE SCREAMS on the biased liberal media scale.

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