WATCH: Democrats Scramble to Defend Biden’s Age and Fitness

Since President Joe Biden declared his candidacy, his Democrat colleagues have left no stone unturned in defending the 80-year-old’s run for office- so much so, that it’s becoming quite sickening. Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) has taken the lead as co-chair of Biden’s campaign, and when confronted on ABC News’ “This Week” about the president’s age and the 51% of Democrats polled who don’t think Biden should run again, he was quick to dismiss their concerns. Coons panicked, trying desperately to convince the public that Biden is fast on his feet, agile, and has excellent delivery.

Coons continued with his drivel, stating that Biden is fit, capable, and ready to serve another term, unlike the alternative. He further added that we should appreciate the wisdom and experience he brings to the job – even though we have seen nothing of substance come from Biden’s two-year tenure as President. Coons’ only rebuttal to the concerns Martha Raddatz, the show’s host, brought up about Biden’s stumbles and rambling was to point out no-one else was doing any better.

Coons calls DeSantis a significant competitor to Trump, which is laughable. DeSantis has yet to enter the race, and polls repeatedly indicate that he would have a better chance of defeating Biden than Trump. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Democrats like Coons are panicking, and they’ll do whatever it takes to ensure they remain in power, even if that entails lying.

It’s disturbing to see how far Democrats will go to defend Biden despite how the American people feel about his age and suitability to lead the country. Fellow Democrats like Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) have similarly defended the President, calling out to “Google” Biden’s recent visit to Ireland. It is evident that Democrats are going to great lengths to trick the American people into supporting Biden only because they serve the party’s interests, not those of the country.

Written by Staff Reports

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