WATCH: Tucker Exposes Democrat Hypocrisy On J6

Tucker Carlson, the host of Fox News, revealed the double standards of the Democrats and the mainstream media regarding political violence during his show on Tuesday night. Carlson highlighted that the George Floyd riots in 2020 caused more harm to police officers compared to the Capitol riots that took place on January 6th. He pointed out that the mayor of Washington, D.C., who belongs to the left-wing, refused to provide assistance from her police department to the Secret Service agents while they were being attacked and beaten. The Government Accountability Office reported that at least 180 officers suffered injuries during the demonstrations, including concussions, lacerations, exposure to chemical gas, and severe burns.

In his argument, Carlson pointed out a clear and egregious double standard exhibited by the left regarding political violence. He contended that although both incidents were condemnable, the left selectively remembers and denounces only one of them. He went on to accuse those in charge of shaping history of being dishonest and propagating a biased narrative that aligns solely with their political agenda.

According to the Fox News anchor, the left's assertion that January 6th was the most "catastrophic incident" since the Civil War is unfounded and a disservice to those who have endured more severe tragedies in American history. He highlighted two events that were much worse than the Capitol riot. One involved the shooting of five congressmen by Puerto Rican separatists inside the Capitol building in 1954, while the other was the torching of a historical Christian church by Antifa in 2020.

It is clear that the Democrats and the mainstream media are attempting to push a narrative that only fits their own political agenda. They are conveniently ignoring the facts and downplaying the violence that occurred during the 2020 George Floyd riots. It is time for them to be honest about what happened and stop trying to rewrite history for their own political gain.

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