$340M in COVID Cash to Illegals? Outrageous!

The ongoing influx of illegal aliens pouring across the border is hardly a shocking development. The perennial allure of job opportunities and an abundance of social services has long been a contributing factor to the chronic issue of illegal immigration. Moreover, now these individuals are well aware that certain Democratic-run states not only offer freebies but also provide protection through the absurdity of sanctuary cities and other pro-illegal alien initiatives.

In a rather preposterous move, New York City absurdly chose to squander $53 million on a pilot program that doles out pre-paid credit cards to illegal alien families. And if that weren’t outrageous enough, Washington State redirected a whopping $340 million in COVID funds to dole out $1,000 checks to these individuals. This outrageous use of taxpayer dollars is beyond the pale.


A recent report has shed light on how federal COVID funds were utilized in Washington State to distribute $1,000 checks to illegal immigrants, who were ineligible for federal economic impact payments during the pandemic due to their immigration status. This flagrant misuse of funds, which were intended to aid in the response and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, is a blatant disregard for the well-being of American citizens.

The report revealed that $340 million from the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (SLFRF) was used to fund a program that distributed $1,000 checks to illegal immigrants in Washington State. This misuse of taxpayer money is a clear indication of the misplaced priorities of Democratic leadership, putting the needs of illegal aliens ahead of hardworking American citizens.

These outrageous actions demonstrate a troubling trend of prioritizing the well-being of illegal immigrants over the needs of American citizens. It’s a slap in the face to ordinary citizens, and particularly to struggling veterans who have been facing difficulties transitioning back into civilian life. The blatant disregard for the well-being of American citizens is simply unacceptable.

As these unconscionable decisions continue to be made, it becomes increasingly clear that Democrats are committed to prioritizing the interests of illegal immigrants over those of American citizens. This misguided approach is not only deeply troubling but also politically misguided. Even staunch liberals are beginning to acknowledge the severity of the immigration crisis and the need to prioritize the needs of American citizens. The Democrats’ insistence on neglecting the needs of American citizens in favor of illegal immigrants is not a winning strategy and is bound to backfire.

The issue of illegal immigration has long been a contentious one, with voters expressing nuanced and varied views, particularly on issues such as amnesty and a pathway to citizenship. It is a strategic blunder for Democrats to continue doubling down on immigration as a political issue. This myopic focus on immigration is not a winning strategy for Democrats and is set to bring about significant repercussions.

In the political realm, the mishandling of the immigration crisis could have far-reaching implications. Donald Trump’s ascent to securing the 2016 GOP nomination and the presidency was largely fueled by his stance on immigration. This demonstrates the potency of the issue and the impact it can have on political outcomes. With President Biden grappling with widespread unpopularity, compounded by economic stagnation, soaring inflation, and global turmoil, the Democrats’ reliance on immigration as a political lifeboat for the faltering administration is a misguided gamble.

In the grand scheme of political optics and public sentiment, the Democrats’ prioritization of illegal immigrants over American citizens is poised to create significant backlash. The American public is growing increasingly disillusioned with the Democratic leadership’s misplaced priorities, particularly as they continue to funnel resources and attention towards illegal immigrants rather than the needs of hardworking American citizens. This shortsighted approach is bound to have resounding consequences for the Democratic Party and is unlikely to yield the intended political benefits for the beleaguered administration.

Written by Staff Reports

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