Abbott’s Razor Wire Rebellion Defies Biden Border Blunders!

In the latest showdown at the border, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is standing strong against President Joe Biden and his administration’s attempts to thwart the Lone Star State’s efforts to defend itself from the onslaught of illegal immigrants. His defiant stance has garnered support from leaders of various states directly impacted by Biden’s border crisis.

Abbott, undeterred by the federal government’s legal maneuvers, has boldly ordered the installation of more razor wire to secure the international border. This move comes after the Supreme Court sided with Biden’s emergency appeal to allow federal agents to cut the wire, which has been instrumental in deterring the influx of illegal immigrants – a surge that hit a staggering 300,000 in December alone.

Neighboring Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has thrown his support behind Abbott, declaring “Oklahoma stands with Texas.” Similarly, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin expressed solidarity with Abbott’s efforts, criticizing Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for shirking their responsibilities to secure the border.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp adamantly backed Abbott, emphasizing that the southern border crisis is a direct result of the Biden administration’s failure to uphold their duty. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, who has dispatched officers to aid Texas in Operation Lone Star, lambasted Biden’s assertion that states are “powerless” to defend themselves, citing the constitutional right of states to protect against invasion.

Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota praised Abbott’s actions as “exactly right,” while Montana’s Governor Greg Gianforte criticized Biden for neglecting to secure the border, thereby inviting cartels, illegal drugs, and human trafficking into the United States.

The pressure on Biden to address the crisis he has perpetuated continues to mount, but he remains woefully indifferent to securing America’s international borders. Rather than acknowledging the imperative to protect the border, Biden and his administration persist in their efforts to hinder Governor Abbott and like-minded leaders who are combatting the invasion of Texas.

As Abbott remains unwavering in his resolve, he exemplifies the unyielding spirit of Texas, boldly challenging Biden with the timeless phrase, “Come and take it.” If Biden persists in denying Texas its constitutional right to self-defense while shirking his duty to safeguard the state, Abbott will not back down.

Written by Staff Reports

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