Adam Schiff Drops Bombshell on Possible Biden Impeachment!

Adam Schiff, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, said that he is considering launching an impeachment investigation against Joe Biden, amid growing pressure on the White House. According to his laptop, Hunter Biden was able to uncover details of government deals that he and his father were working on, even while Joe was still serving as the vice president.

Some of the money was laundered through shell companies and the IRS was trying to charge the president's son with breaking the law. However, the Justice Department intervened in the matter. An FBI source said that during the course of the investigation, Joe and Hunter received about $5 million each. The source also noted that Mykola Zochevsky, the company's co-founder, coerced them into making the payments.

In exchange, Biden fired the prosecutor who was looking into Burisma. He also hired Hunter to protect the company from legal action for $50,000 a month. It is becoming clear that Joe was aware of what Hunter was doing and was the main facilitator of these illegal deals.

Whistleblowers from the IRS and the FBI have provided credible evidence that the Department of Justice was biased against them. This is why the story is still going to continue. House Speaker McCarthy stated that the White House would be impeached if they don’t turn over key documents. Adam Schiff warned that the country could be in chaos if the Republicans try to carry out their impeachment.

Adam Schiff, who is constantly trying to spin the truth, claims that the Republican efforts to impeach anyone is baseless and has led to the country becoming chaotic. However, he noted that there is also evidence of criminality.

Non-partisan actors have been able to provide reliable and verifiable evidence against the Bidens. One of the FBI whistleblowers is a gay Democrat, which is hardly an indication that he would be pushing for a pro-MAGA agenda. Moreover, it has been revealed that Adam Schiff helped the intelligence operative during the fake Ukrainian quid pro quo scandal.

Before the complaint was even filed, Joe knew about the details of the allegations against his son. In addition, he issued secret subpoenas to the Republicans who doubted the legitimacy of the investigation into Trump's Russia connections. No smoking gun was found. However, when it comes to allegations against his family, it is a different story.

Despite the allegations against the Bidens, it is still not clear if they are guilty of any wrongdoing. However, it is clear that they have embraced the idea of using the country as a pawn in their political games. It is time for the American people to see the truth.

Written by Staff Reports

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