Biden’s Denials Unravel: Tangled in Son’s Shady Business Deals?

President Joe Biden’s claims of ignorance regarding his son’s business activities are starting to unravel, casting doubt on his previous denials. The latest development suggests that the President may have been present during some key meetings, according to a South Carolina Congresswoman.

Devon Archer, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, is scheduled to testify next week, potentially shedding light on Joe Biden’s level of involvement. Archer, who served alongside Hunter on the board of the controversial Ukrainian firm Burisma, has first-hand knowledge of their dealings.

Republican Rep. Nancy Mace, speaking during an interview with Fox News, highlighted the significance of Archer’s testimony. Known as Hunter Biden’s “BFF,” Mace believes that Archer holds critical information about Joe Biden’s presence during discussions and deals. Mace boldly questioned the President, asking why he would lie if he had nothing to hide.

The possibility of Archer’s testimony contradicts years of Joe Biden’s denials. On multiple occasions, he stated that he never discussed his son’s business affairs or had any involvement. These statements were made during his 2019 campaign and even reiterated during a Democratic presidential debate.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Joe Biden’s previous claims were not entirely truthful. The mounting evidence suggests that the President may have been aware of, and potentially involved in, his son’s overseas business dealings. This revelation raises serious concerns about the transparency and honesty of the Biden family.

The American people deserve answers and accountability. If Joe Biden did indeed lie about his knowledge and involvement, it calls into question his integrity as a leader. It is essential that we delve deeper into these allegations and uncover the truth behind the Biden family’s business activities.

As conservatives, it is our duty to hold our elected officials accountable, regardless of party affiliation. The media must conduct thorough investigations to unearth any potential wrongdoing, ensuring that the truth is brought to light. The American public deserves nothing less than full transparency and accountability from their leaders.

The unraveling of Joe Biden’s denial regarding his son’s business activities confirms our suspicions about the lack of integrity in the Biden administration. This development underscores the urgent need to scrutinize the actions and decisions of our leaders, as they can significantly impact the nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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