AG Jason Miyares Fights Biden’s Border Policy: GOP Unites Against Migrant Surge Loopholes

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares is leading a group of more than 15 Republican-oriented states against Joe Biden’s administration to counteract a recent policy to address the expected surge of unlawful immigrants at the southern border. The newly implemented Biden administration rule intends to diminish the influx of migrants who are attempting to get into the United States unlawfully without legitimate refugee status. It came into effect after the termination of the Trump-era order Title 42 in May 2021, which made illegal migrants ineligible for shelter who had traveled through a safe third country before reaching the U.S.

Miyares, who has been pushing to implement stricter immigration policies, asserts that the reinstated rule of Joe Biden’s administration facilitates the entry of immigrants through multiple exemptions such as making entry appointments over the phone app, claiming imminent danger in their home country, or failing to acquire asylum in another country. Miyares has described this policy as opening a window of opportunity for cartels and human traffickers to exploit immigrants who are willing to cross the southern border to escape the dangers arising from their countries.

In addition to Virginia’s Attorney General, other leaders from Republican-controlled states like Mississippi, Montana, Kentucky have collaborated on this decision to contest the administration’s policy. The lawsuit intends to dismiss the exceptions to the law that are favoring unaccompanied and underaged migrants, which can lead to further illegal immigrant activity.

General Miyares also criticized the Biden government’s compliance with the process, stating the policy would only encourage more border crossings without congressional authorization, making the situation worse. Recordings from The Border Patrol indicate that there was a 2.2 million migrant influx at the U.S.-Mexico border in fiscal year 2022. Notably, in the first seven months of 2023, the total migrant influx recorded at the southern boundary of the U.S. exceeded 1.2 million, making it ever more imperative for the federal government to take appropriate measures.

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