AI Used to Create Child Pornography, Connecticut Man Charged

A Connecticut man named Travis Tilley, age 40, has been charged with child exploitation crimes, including the use of artificial intelligence to create child pornography. The charges were brought in a federal court on Monday. Travis Tilley, who resides in Naugatuck, faces accusations of receiving and having child pornography.

Previously, Tilley was being supervised by state probation officers after serving time in state custody for sexual crimes involving a child. During the supervision in 2022, officers confiscated his laptop and hard drive. Upon examination, they discovered disturbing content, including videos and images of child exploitation, AI-generated child pornography, and explicit chat messages. Tilley also allegedly engaged in conversations about child pornography and AI-generated content in online chat rooms. These actions resulted in Tilley being taken back into state custody.

If Travis Tilley is found guilty of receiving child pornography, he could be sentenced to 15-40 years in prison. For the possession of child pornography, he may face 10-20 years in prison. The severity of the potential sentences is due to Tilley’s previous convictions related to sexual offenses. The investigation into these allegations is being led by Homeland Security Investigations, with assistance from other law enforcement agencies.

From a conservative perspective, it is imperative to protect children from exploitation and any form of abuse. The use of artificial intelligence to create child pornography is deeply troubling and highlights the importance of enforcing strict laws against such heinous acts. Those who engage in such crimes must face severe consequences to deter others and ensure the safety of children in our society.

Written by Staff Reports

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