Behar Slammed for Mocking Black GOP Senator – Out of Touch?

Republican Congressman Byron Donalds recently called out The View host Joy Behar for her ignorant and disrespectful comments about Black conservative Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina. On Tuesday’s episode of The View, Behar compared Scott to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and claimed that Senator Scott “doesn’t get it” when it comes to understanding the struggles of African-Americans in America.

Donalds took to Fox News to criticize Behar, saying that “Joy Behar doesn’t understand that she is a buffoon. She’s paid to spew these things. Nobody really pays attention to anything that she believes in or what she talks about.” He went on to say that her comments were “utterly ridiculous” and that “she needs to just sit down, stay in her lane, tell some jokes, but this is not an area for her to comment.”

Scott has recently declared his candidacy for president and has gained traction as some Republicans look for an alternative to former President Donald Trump. As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has struggled ahead of his upcoming campaign, there is now an opening for Senator Scott to gain momentum during the early primary season, which counts South Carolina as the third state to cast its preference for a Republican nominee.

It is clear that Joy Behar has never walked a day in Tim Scott’s or Byron Donalds’ shoes or any other Black person in America. Her comments are emblematic of the left’s complete disregard for conservative voices, especially those of Black conservatives. Senators Scott and Thomas believe in lifting oneself up by one’s own bootstraps, rather than relying on government intervention, and that is why they are Republicans. Behar’s comments are indicative of how out of touch the leftist media truly is; and it’s why they continue to lose credibility with mainstream Americans on a daily basis.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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