Biden Administration’s Monument Mishap: Ignoring Native American Voices Once Again!

In an eyebrow-raising move, the Biden administration attempted to remove a statue of William Penn from Welcome Park in Philadelphia. But it seems like they didn’t do their homework and overlooked one important detail – Native American groups didn’t actually want the statue gone in the first place! Oops, someone forgot to check with the people directly involved.

William Penn, an English Quaker who founded the colony of Pennsylvania and had friendly relations with the Lenape tribe, has a positive reputation among Native Americans. Ben Barnes, the chief of the Shawnee Tribe, made it clear that Penn doesn’t belong in the same category as those terrible human beings who caused tragedy for Native peoples throughout history. But leave it to the Biden administration to be out of touch and make a decision that goes against the wishes of the very people they claim to represent.

The National Parks Service had originally planned to remove the statue as part of efforts to rehabilitate Welcome Park and provide a more inclusive experience for visitors. But this decision was met with widespread ridicule from Pennsylvanians who appreciate the legacy of William Penn. State House Minority Leader Brian Cutler rightly called this move “another sad example of the left scraping the bottom of the barrel of wokeism.”

Thankfully, Democratic Governor Josh Shapiro stepped in to protect the statue and ensure it remains in its rightful home in Pennsylvania. It’s a breath of fresh air to see a Democrat standing up for common sense and not bowing to the extreme ideologies of the left. Maybe there’s hope for bipartisanship after all!

The Biden administration’s blunder highlights the importance of consultation with Native American tribes before making changes to historical sites and monuments. But once again, they missed the mark and disregarded the voices of those directly affected. It’s a classic case of government overreach and a reminder of why we need to be cautious when granting too much power to the federal government.

In the end, the statue of William Penn will remain in Welcome Park, where it rightfully belongs. Kudos to Governor Shapiro for correcting this misguided decision. It’s time for the Biden administration to learn from their mistakes and start prioritizing the voices of the people they claim to represent. Let this be a lesson in the dangers of woke ideology and the importance of preserving our history, even if it doesn’t align with the latest progressive fad.

Written by Staff Reports

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