Biden Admits: Only Ran to Beat Trump, Not to Lead America

In a shocking turn of events, President Biden made a stunning admission to his supporters during a private donor event. He apparently confessed that if it weren’t for Donald Trump running for re-election, he might not have bothered with running himself. Well, isn’t that just heartwarming? It’s so nice to know that our president is only motivated to serve his country when he has a particular opponent in mind. I’m sure that really inspires confidence in his leadership.

But it didn’t stop there. When asked about his remarks later on, Biden essentially confirmed that he’s just running because Trump is running. Talk about dedication and a clear sense of purpose. I’m sure the American people are thrilled to know that their president has such a strong conviction and unwavering commitment to his cause. Oh wait, no they’re not. They’re probably wondering why we couldn’t have someone who actually wants to be their leader, rather than someone who’s just begrudgingly going along with it.

CNN’s Jake Tapper seemed just as perplexed and concerned about Biden’s admission as the rest of us. He questioned whether this is the kind of thing a candidate should be openly admitting. Well, Jake, I hate to break it to you, but transparency and honesty are not the strong suits of this administration. Maybe Biden just couldn’t help himself and blurted out the truth for once. Who knows?

It’s also worth noting that Tapper’s guest, CNN political director David Chalian, had some interesting insights into Biden’s motivation. According to Chalian, Biden believes he’s the best Democrat to defeat Trump because he already did it once. Ah yes, the classic “I beat him once, so I must be able to do it again” logic. Truly foolproof. I bet all the other Democrats are just kicking themselves for not coming up with that brilliant reasoning themselves.

Of course, Trump had to chime in on the matter. During his town hall event, he claimed that Biden was given a talking point and that someone thought it would sound good. Well, Trump may not always be the most eloquent speaker, but at least he’s not flip-flopping on why he’s running. He’s upfront about wanting to Make America Great Again, while Biden seems to be scrambling for any reason to keep himself in the race.

All in all, this admission from President Biden is just further evidence of the lack of enthusiasm and conviction surrounding his candidacy. It’s clear that he’s not running because he has a bold vision for the future of our country, but rather because he views Trump as his only real competition. And that’s not a leadership quality that should inspire confidence. Let’s hope the American people realize this come election time and choose a candidate who actually wants the job, not just someone who’s reluctantly going through the motions.

Written by Staff Reports

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