Biden Aide Joins Sanctioned Oil Trader for $1.2M Yearly Pay Amid Corruption Claims

The United States has a long history of political maneuvering and backroom deals, all thanks to the founding fathers who chose a swampy location for the nation’s capital. The Swamp, as it’s known, has been a hotbed of corruption and cronyism for centuries, with connected individuals lining their pockets with taxpayers’ money.

In a recent example of Swamp antics, Ankit Desai, a former aide to President Biden, has been hired by Dutch oil trader Niels Troost. Troost, whose company deals in Russian oil, found himself sanctioned by the UK government, cutting off his lucrative business. Desperate to navigate the murky waters of Washington, Troost turned to Desai for help, agreeing to pay him a hefty sum of $1.2 million per year.

This kind of revolving door between government and lobbying is all too common in the Swamp. It’s no surprise that a former Biden aide is cashing in on his connections to help out a sanctioned oil trader. The cozy relationships between politicians, lobbyists, and businessmen only serve to enrich the elites while ordinary Americans foot the bill.

Troost may paint himself as a humanitarian, claiming he trades oil to feed starving children and prevent civil unrest. But his dealings with a dubious character who posed as a CIA agent reveal the darker side of his business practices. It’s clear that his motives are driven more by profit than philanthropy.

It’s important to shine a light on these Swamp stories and hold those involved accountable. The Swamp thrives on secrecy and deception, but with diligent reporting and public scrutiny, we can expose the truth behind the shady dealings of Washington insiders. By staying vigilant and demanding transparency, we can work towards draining the Swamp and restoring integrity to our government.

Written by Staff Reports

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