Biden and Harris Woo Governors in Elite Big Gov Plot Fest!

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are once again cavorting with their favorite state leaders at the White House. The dynamic duo are hosting all 50 governors for what they’re calling the “National Governors Association Winter Meeting.” It’s a meeting where the liberal elite can gather to plot their next move to expand big government and trample on states’ rights.

These governors and their cronies are taking over Washington, D.C., for three whole days. They’ll be mingling with other political lackeys and rubbing elbows as they pretend to discuss “bipartisan solutions.” But let’s be real – you know they’re just going to spend most of their time bashing conservatives and dreaming up ways to shove their socialist agenda down our throats.

The topics on the agenda are so predictable it’s almost comical. Border security, high crime rates, federal and state responses to natural disasters, and education – sounds like a laundry list of failures for the Biden administration. Instead of actually solving these problems, they’ll likely just point fingers and blame Republicans for all the country’s woes.

It’s sad to see these governors cozying up to the Biden-Harris regime. It’s as if they’ve forgotten their duty to stand up for the values of their constituents. But maybe they’re just too busy enjoying the White House perks to remember who they really work for.

Written by Staff Reports

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