Biden Bankrupts US for Ukraine: $43B in Aid & More! Is There a Hidden Agenda?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky embarked on a journey to Washington, D.C., to engage in a crucial discussion with President Joe Biden. The primary purpose of Zelensky's transatlantic visit was to emphasize the significance of maintaining military and financial support for Ukraine in the context of its ongoing conflict with Russia.

But you know what Biden did? He promised to keep giving Ukraine all sorts of goodies, like ATACMS long-range missiles, and he even said they’d be exempt if the government decided to shut down. Talk about throwing money around like it’s nothing!

I mean, get this: just last week, Biden handed Ukraine a fat $400 million check. And guess what? That makes it the 43rd time the U.S. has sent them weapons from our own supply. Can you believe it? We’re practically bankrupting ourselves to keep Ukraine happy!

Indeed, following Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2022, we've provided an astonishing $43 billion in military assistance. Yes, you read that correctly—billion with a "B"! And now, there's a new request on the table. Ukraine is seeking Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) to target and disrupt supply lines, air bases, and rail networks within Russian territory. Would you describe this as anything other than a bold move?

But wait, there’s more. The U.S. Army website describes these ATACMS as for “deep attack of enemy second-echelon forces.” That sounds pretty intense, doesn’t it? It’s like Biden is just itching for a fight with Russia. Maybe he needs a hobby or something to keep himself busy.

Here's the striking twist: Biden assured Zelensky that the United States will persist in backing Ukraine's war efforts, even in the face of opposition from the GOP. It's quite astonishing, isn't it? Despite all the pressing issues within America, such as surging prices, the looming threat of a government shutdown, and a significant border crisis, Biden remains steadfast in his commitment to Ukraine.

I can’t help but wonder if Biden’s obsession with Ukraine has anything to do with the shady business dealings he’s had with them in the past. I mean, you don’t just pocket millions from a foreign country and then turn your back on them, right? Something doesn’t add up here, folks.

So while the American people are struggling to make ends meet, Biden is playing war games with Ukraine. It’s time for him to start putting America first and stop throwing our hard-earned money at every country that comes knocking on our door. We’ve got our own problems to deal with, and it’s about time Biden starts taking them seriously.

Written by Staff Reports

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