Biden Blames Trump for Nation’s Divide, Ignores Own Demonizing Tactics!

In another example of President Biden pointing fingers and deflecting blame, he has accused former President Trump of dividing the country while demonizing anyone who stands in the way of his agenda. Breitbart Editor-in-Chief and Breaking Biden author Alex Marlow had something to say about this on “Kudlow” today. According to Marlow, this is a typical move by the Democrats, and it’s been working for them for a long time.

He used the example of the Russian collusion hoax, which was actually started because of Hillary Clinton’s deep ties to Russia. But instead of addressing that, they accused Trump of being a Russian plant. Marlow also mentioned the Inflation Reduction Act, which raised inflation and was pushed by Joe Biden, yet he acts like Trump is the one dividing the country. This is just the latest tactic from people who oppose democracy and don’t want voters to choose the president.

They are telling us that we are the threat to democracy, especially Trump. Marlow went on to talk about the left’s army, called The Indivisible, which originated from the Hillary Clinton debacle and is filled with massive amounts of money and activists ready to fight for every last Democratic vote. He questioned if the Republicans have anything like that. He also brought up the tech companies and the media, both of which seem to be working against Trump and flooding us with anti-Trump content. Marlow’s message is clear: the left is a force to be reckoned with, and the right needs to step up and win a resounding victory like they did in 2016.

Written by Staff Reports

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