Biden Blocks NM Oil Drilling: Killing Jobs, Bowing to Radicals

In New Mexico, Joe Biden and his radical left allies are trying to prevent the development of new oil and mining operations on thousands of acres in the state. This is just another example of how they want to see the US fail.

We had to deal with the governor of New Mexico, whose irrational belief that it's perfectly fine to infringe on the rights granted by the Constitution led us to confront Biden, who claimed that he would seek to block mining and drilling within certain areas. Does he care about the millions of Americans who rely on these jobs?

Deb Haaland, the Interior Secretary, announced that Biden's latest initiatives are responding to the concerns of tribal members and the public regarding the protection of public lands. However, this is yet another attempt to appease environmentalists and pander to them.

Even state-level officials are supporting this nonsense. According to Mel Barnes, the head of the Bureau Of Land Management's office in New Mexico, they understand the importance of the area around Placitas to the local community and tribal nations. They should prioritize job creation and energy independence.

It's hard to trust the government's intentions when it comes to these types of situations. With Biden and his gang in charge, can we expect anything positive from this situation? Who is paying for his schemes to decrease US energy production? And why does he intend to make the country dependent on other nations for energy?

Biden's latest initiatives are not sustainable, as every drop of energy that the US doesn't produce and consumes has to be sourced somewhere. It's clear that he's trying to weaken the country's energy industry, and these actions could cost jobs and expose us to foreign threats.

Although Biden's administration claims that his initiatives are aimed at helping Native American groups in the region, I can tell you that if this were not for the Biden tribe, he would not be supporting these actions. It's another example of how the left is hypocrites and doesn't care about the millions Americans who rely on public lands. We need a president who puts the country first.

Written by Staff Reports

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