Biden Burns Billions Busing Mobs of Migrants into Your Backyard

President Joe Biden’s administration is requesting an additional $14 billion from Congress to assist in transporting illegal migrants to the U.S. border and settling them into hotels across the country. The administration is misleadingly referring to this request as “border security,” despite the fact that very little of the funds would be used to address the issue of economic migrants. In fact, Biden’s administration has already allowed over 300,000 economic migrants to enter the U.S. through the border in September alone, bringing the total for 2023 to approximately 2.5 million. These numbers don’t even include legal migrants and temporary workers.

Instead of focusing on securing the border and preventing the influx of migrants, a significant portion of the requested funds would be used to facilitate the arrival of more job-seeking migrants at the border. Once they are registered and released, these migrants would be bused to hotels, provided job training, and placed in American workplaces.

It appears that the administration’s request is aimed at covering the costs of aiding migrants through the 2024 presidential campaign. This influx of cash would help pro-migration groups downplay the burdens placed on cities, taxpayers, and American citizens. Already, the influx of illegal migrants is displacing lower-income Americans from their jobs and housing, while benefiting employers, real estate investors, and government agencies.

The request includes over $6 billion for “border operations,” including funding for the Department of Homeland Security and additional border patrol agents. Furthermore, $1.4 billion would be allocated to state and local governments to assist with shelter and services for migrants. However, this funding does not provide any actual border security, but rather enables the continuous processing of more migrants, thus adding to the mounting national debt.

Republican lawmakers have criticized the request, arguing that it would worsen the border crisis rather than addressing it. Giving more money to fuel the administration’s open-borders resettlement operation is seen as a misguided move that fails to prioritize true border security. The request also includes funding for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which was originally created to deport illegal migrants but would now be used to financially support migrants and provide them with legal advice on evading immigration rules.

The federal government’s Extraction Migration policy, which extracts human resources from needy countries, has long been unpopular among Americans. This policy suppresses wages, drives up housing costs, and puts native-born Americans at a disadvantage in the job market. It also diminishes the political influence of native-born Americans, as the population replacement allows elites and the establishment to prioritize their own interests over those of ordinary Americans.

It is clear that the American public is increasingly critical of the Biden administration’s approach to immigration. Recent polls show that a majority of Americans, including independents, believe that immigration under President Biden is making life harder for all Americans. It’s time for the administration to focus on actual border security and prioritize the needs of American citizens instead of perpetuating a harmful and unsustainable immigration policy.

Written by Staff Reports

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