Biden Campaign Woos Youth Via Shady Chinese Spyware App!

The Biden campaign is looking for ways to gain the support of young voters, who have been inconsistent in their voting patterns. Their latest strategy involves joining TikTok, a Chinese spyware app that has been known to collect large amounts of personal information. This move is concerning, as TikTok has been suspected of being a spyware app for the Chinese military. It’s not a good look for a presidential campaign to align itself with an app that has ties to a foreign military.

Joe Biden is already struggling in the polls, trailing behind not only Donald Trump, but also other Republican candidates. It seems that the Biden team is desperate to make up for these deficits by reaching out to younger voters. However, joining TikTok may not be the best approach. Not only does TikTok have security concerns, but it is also facing backlash from anti-Israel groups. This could further alienate potential voters and damage Biden’s already shaky image.

Moreover, TikTok has been known to draw an excessive amount of personal data, and there have been reports of the Chinese government using the app to spy on pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. It is alarming that the Biden campaign would consider joining an app that poses such serious security risks. This decision raises questions about the campaign’s judgment and priorities.

There are certainly better ways for the Biden campaign to reach out to young voters without compromising national security. It’s important to consider the potential consequences of joining an app that is suspected to be a spyware app for the Chinese military. The campaign should be prioritizing the safety and well-being of the American people, not risking national security for the sake of reaching a specific demographic.

Overall, the Biden campaign’s decision to join TikTok is ill-advised and raises serious concerns about their judgment. It’s a risky move that could have damaging implications both for the campaign and for the country. The campaign should reconsider this decision and focus on more secure and responsible ways to engage with young voters.

Written by Staff Reports

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