Biden Criticized for Weak Response to Antisemitism on Campuses

In recent days, the White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, faced questions about President Biden’s response to the growing chaos on college campuses, where leftist students, faculty, and outside groups have been calling for the murder of Jews and the elimination of Israel. Jean-Pierre insisted that the president has been “very clear” about the situation, pointing to a written statement he made for the occasion of Passover.

However, there are concerns about the lack of clarity in Biden’s response. It was noted that Biden’s statement addressing the vile antisemitism at “elite” campuses was buried at the bottom of his Passover message. The statement also included demands that align with the views of the unhinged students declaring support for Hamas, an organization known for its terrorist activities. This raises questions about Biden’s loyalty to the ally Israel, especially as he appears willing to make concessions to appeal to a segment of the Democrat electorate.

Furthermore, there are instances where Biden’s actions seem to prioritize appeasing antisemitic sentiments. For example, his administration abstained from a United Nations vote demanding a ceasefire, potentially impacting U.S. aid to Israel. The President also pressured Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to agree to a ceasefire, despite Hamas rejecting proposed ceasefires. Additionally, the administration suggested that Israel could become indistinguishable from Hamas and demanded humanitarian aid to Gaza, emphasizing aid to Israel over Hamas.

The lack of acknowledgment from the Biden administration regarding the reality of the antisemitic and anti-Israel uprisings on college campuses has also sparked concerns. Jean-Pierre’s vague remarks about calling out violent and hateful rhetoric without specifically addressing the target of such loathing have raised questions about the administration’s approach to the situation.

Overall, there is growing criticism of President Biden’s response to the pro-Hamas sentiment and the antisemitic expressions on college campuses, with some expressing concern about the administration’s willingness to placate to pro-terrorism attitudes instead of taking a morally correct stand with consequences.

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