Biden Drains SPR, Weakens US: More Dependent on OPEC Than Ever!

Earlier this year, “fake president” Joe Biden made a disastrous decision to drain millions of barrels of oil from the United States Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). This was clearly a political move to benefit his fellow Democrats in the upcoming midterms. It’s yet another example of his forced energy “transition” that has led to strict limits on U.S. oil production and the cancellation of important infrastructure projects.

In July, the SPR had a whopping 346,758,000 barrels of oil available. But thanks to Biden’s reckless actions, it’s now more than half empty. He drained America’s emergency backup supply of oil in response to an “emergency” that his own energy agenda had created. This is like setting your house on fire and then using your emergency water supply to put it out. It’s absolute insanity.

Even the mainstream media is starting to see the problem with Biden’s use of the SPR. Politico, of all outlets, is now raising concerns about the diminished volumes in the reserve. They’re worried that this limits Biden’s options to respond to future oil market shocks, including those that could result from conflicts in the Middle East.

It’s truly ironic that Biden’s energy policies have made us more dependent on countries like Saudi Arabia. With the SPR at such low levels, we have to rely on them and others with spare capacity to ramp up supply in the event of an oil cutoff. This is a dangerous position to be in, especially considering Biden’s weak negotiating skills with OPEC+. They’ve rejected his pleas for increased oil production and have even cut production in response. It’s a humiliating blow to Biden’s strategy, but not surprising given his weak and ineffective leadership.

The solution to this problem is simple: ramp up U.S. energy production and green-light the development projects that Biden so foolishly killed off. We don’t need to rely on other countries to increase our oil and gas supply. When Biden took office, we were already energy independent. But now, thanks to his radical agenda, we’re becoming more and more reliant on foreign oil. It’s a dangerous path that puts our national security at risk.

The bottom line is that Biden’s misuse of the SPR is just another example of his failed energy policies. We need a president who prioritizes American energy independence and understands the importance of utilizing our own resources. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with “Sleepy Joe” for now, but we must continue to push for conservative solutions that will bring stability and security to our energy sector.

Written by Staff Reports

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