Biden Hands Out $100B to Israel, Ukraine: Is American Democracy in Danger?

In a speech on Thursday, President Joe Biden urged Americans to back the wars in Israel and Ukraine, as he prepares to seek an additional $100 billion in aid for both countries. Biden argued that these conflicts pose a threat to democracy and national security in the United States. Drawing a comparison between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Hamas, the president claimed that both entities aim to destroy neighboring democracies. He emphasized the importance of holding terrorists and dictators accountable for their actions.

The Washington Times reported that the White House is working on a supplemental funding request, which will likely include funds for Taiwan and border security as well. However, the reception for such a package in Congress remains uncertain. Support for ongoing aid to Ukraine has already been wavering, particularly after the recent Hamas attacks. Republican lawmakers, in particular, have raised concerns about the funding sent to Ukraine and accused Biden of indirectly financing Hamas through aid to Gaza.

Despite Republican opposition, Biden is committed to providing aid to Gaza, pledging $100 million in humanitarian assistance during his visit to Israel. The White House claims that the aid will be carefully distributed to those in need and not used by Hamas or other terrorist groups. However, many Republicans continue to criticize Biden’s willingness to provide aid to Hamas-controlled Gaza, arguing that taxpayer dollars should not be allocated to support jihad.

While Republicans stand firm against aid to Gaza, Democratic lawmakers support Biden’s decision. Democratic Senator Dick Durbin commended the president’s humanitarian aid, emphasizing the importance of minimizing civilian harm and targeting in response to Hamas violence. On the other hand, GOP Senator Rick Scott insisted that no U.S. aid should be sent to Gaza until all hostages, including Americans, are safely released.

This ongoing debate highlights the deep political divide when it comes to foreign aid and the U.S.’s approach to international conflicts. Republicans are wary of funding that may indirectly support terrorist organizations, while Democrats prioritize providing assistance to those affected by violence and humanitarian crises. The issue of aid to Israel and Ukraine continues to be a divisive topic in Congress as the Biden administration pushes for additional funding.


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