Biden Ignores Hostages, Panders to Politics Instead!

The parents of a hostage captured during the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks are criticizing President Joe Biden for not prioritizing their loved ones. In a fiery interview on MSNBC, Rachel Goldberg and Jon Polin lashed out at Biden for overlooking the 134 hostages still held by Hamas. Can you believe it? With all the troubles going on in the world, it seems like the President can’t seem to focus on what really matters!

Biden’s chat with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seemed to skip over the critical issue of freeing these hostages. Instead, the President warned Israel about aid conditions, showing a lack of concern for American lives in danger. It’s like he’s playing a game of political chess while real people are suffering. How heartless can you get?

The media, as usual, is quick to jump on any opportunity to criticize Israel. The death of aid workers is undoubtedly tragic, but what about the hostages still being held captive? Why aren’t their lives the main focus of these discussions? The biased approach towards Israel is just another example of the left’s misguided priorities. Talk about misplaced outrage!

The Biden administration’s actions, like abstaining in the UN Security Council vote for a ceasefire in Gaza, show a worrying trend of turning against Israel. It’s concerning to see our President sway towards appeasing those who wish harm upon our strongest ally in the Middle East. Where is the loyalty, Mr. President?

In a time when American lives are at stake, it’s crucial for our government to stand up for its citizens. The Biden administration’s inaction and misplaced priorities in handling the hostage situation is a clear sign that we need leaders who will put America first. Let’s hope for a change in direction before it’s too late.

Written by Staff Reports

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