Biden Mimics Parrot, Recycles Tired Anti-Trump Rhetoric

President Biden and his crew are floundering like a fish out of water and struggling to come up with fresh ideas. In a sad attempt to make himself look good, Biden tried to boost his image with job figures. But let’s face it, Americans aren’t fooled that easily. They know that a simple rebound from the COVID-19 lockdowns doesn’t mean the economy is back on track. Nice try, Biden.

And let’s talk about “Bidenomics.” That label is more laughable than a clown at a birthday party. The so-called return to normalcy that Biden promised has been anything but normal. The only thing that came to mind when he was trying to boost his image was that his handlers must have been reminding him of those glory days when he could chant, “General Motors is alive and Osama bin Laden is dead!” Too bad the world has moved on, Joe.

So, what does Biden do now? His advisors decided it was a good idea to send him out, like a creaky old marionette, to wag his finger and stir up drama on social media. Last week, he stood in front of a historic spot in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, just a day before the third anniversary of the Capitol riot and ranted about how it was all Trump’s fault. He claimed Trump was trying to rewrite history and steal the election.

But Biden didn’t stop there. No, no, no. He went on to argue that Trump’s supporters who stormed the Capitol were not peaceful protesters but violent attackers. It’s like watching a broken record, isn’t it? The repeated attempts to vilify Trump and his followers are getting old, Joe. It’s time to put a new record on the turntable.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the advisor or intern who tweeted on Biden’s behalf, “You can’t be pro-insurrection and pro-America.” Wow, deep thoughts there, folks. The irony is that former President Trump has never been charged with inciting an insurrection. The only voices crying insurrection are those in deep blue territory. But who needs facts when you can spin a good yarn, right?

At CNN, Republican strategist Brad Todd summed it up perfectly when he called Biden’s spiel “ghost stories.” He likened Biden’s speech to “an old man telling ghost stories, trying to scare the kids.” Todd hit the nail on the head when he mentioned that Biden doesn’t want to talk about the current state of the country, and instead, he would rather harp on about Trump.

It’s like Biden and Trump are playing a game of political narrating chicken. They’re both fixated on the past, ignoring the future. Todd hit the nail on the head when he pointed out that there was nothing in Biden’s speech about moving forward or how his policies differ from Trump’s. It’s a circus, really. And it’s high time the ringmaster stepped down.



Written by Staff Reports

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