Biden Supports Mexico Border Plan Amid Concerns of American Concessions

President Joe Biden recently expressed his support for a border plan put forth by Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. In an interview with Univision, Biden emphasized the importance of working with Mexico to address the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States. He also praised his relationship with López Obrador, stating that the Mexican president has been straightforward and has kept his word.

However, some are concerned that Biden’s cooperation with Mexico may come at the expense of American interests. A secretive deal made in December between Biden’s deputies and López Obrador directs Mexico’s police to intercept migrants attempting to reach the U.S. border. While this deal has led to a reduction in unplanned migrant arrivals at the border, critics argue that the U.S. is making significant concessions to Mexico in return.

One of the key concerns is the allocation of migration “parole pipeline” slots to Mexicans, as well as the lack of action on Mexico’s drug smuggling activities. Additionally, the deal with Mexico reportedly allows for a large influx of economic illegal immigrants into the U.S. through legal pathways, potentially exacerbating the parole pipeline and immediate release of asylum seekers.

During the interview, Biden also reiterated his belief that former President Donald Trump poses a threat to the nation’s freedom and democracy. Biden cited what he believes to be concerning statements made by Trump, expressing his unease with the former president’s rhetoric.

Overall, while Biden’s efforts to collaborate with Mexico on border issues are laudable, there are concerns about the potential ramifications of the deal and the implications of his stance on his predecessor.

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