Harvard Grad Falters in Debate with Chinese Tyranny Survivor on Gun Rights

A recent debate between a Harvard graduate and a survivor of Chinese Communist tyranny shed light on the malevolent nature of a well-known gun control activist.

During the debate, the survivor, Lily Tang Williams, challenged the graduate, David Hogg, on whether he could guarantee that the U.S. government would never become tyrannical. Hogg admitted he couldn’t make such a guarantee. Williams expressed her refusal to give up her guns, citing her experiences under a Communist regime in China.

Hogg responded by expressing sympathy but failed to provide any reassurance. His comments about the real danger in America revealed his distrust of armed citizens and showed his true attitude toward ordinary Americans.

This debate exposed the illogical and fraudulent nature of Hogg’s libertarian-sounding comments. It also highlighted his condescension toward those who uphold their Second Amendment rights.

The conversation brought to light the need to be cautious and questioning of those who advocate for gun control, especially when they reveal their true feelings about American citizens.

Written by Staff Reports

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