Biden Vanishes! Staffer Left to Handle Smoking Middle East Conflict?

After a brutal and devastating attack by Hamas terrorists on Israeli communities, President Joe Biden seems to be missing in action. Instead of taking charge and addressing the situation, he delegated the job to his spokesperson, Adrienne Watson. Now, don’t get me wrong, Watson is a talented individual, but shouldn’t the President be the one to step up and speak out against terrorism?

The statement released by the National Security Counsel spokesperson was simply not enough. It’s great that they condemned the attacks and expressed condolences for the lives lost, but where is the strong leadership? Where is the decisive action? It almost feels like they’re just going through the motions and hoping it all goes away.

And let’s not forget, while President Biden is hiding behind his spokesperson, the Israeli Prime Minister has declared war on Hamas. This is a serious situation that requires a swift and determined response. The President can’t afford to be missing in action when our ally is under attack.

It’s moments like these that we need strong leadership, not vague statements. We need someone who will stand up for our allies and take decisive action against terrorists. Unfortunately, it seems like President Biden is failing to meet that standard.

Written by Staff Reports

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