Biden vs Trump: Is it Really War vs Peace? Gorka Dishes it Out!

In a compelling article, Dr. Sebastian Gorka highlights the stark contrast between the foreign policy approaches of former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden. Gorka praises Trump’s achievements in maintaining peace and stability during his tenure, while expressing deep concern about Biden’s failures and the dire consequences they have already brought.

Gorka emphasizes that despite the initial worries about Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia and his NATO stance, his presidency ushered in a period of four years without new wars or invasions. Trump’s leadership even led to the destruction of the caliphate of ISIS and the historic peace summit between the United States and North Korea. Notably, Trump’s son-in-law played a key role in brokering peace in the Middle East, a feat unmatched since the establishment of Israel in 1948.

The author attributes these remarkable achievements to Trump’s love for America and his unique understanding of power. Unlike the neocons who advocate for endless wars or mindless libertarian isolationists, Trump pursued an approach that prioritized American safety while holding tyrants and aggressors accountable.

Gorka provides two striking examples of Trump’s bold leadership. When the Syrian regime was about to use chemical weapons against civilians, Trump swiftly ordered a missile strike, sending a message to the world that America would not tolerate such atrocities. Similarly, upon learning of Russian mercenaries deployed in the Middle East, Trump authorized their elimination, an action that left Putin speechless and demonstrated the fearlessness of American power.

In sharp contrast, Gorka laments Biden’s approach, which he characterizes as weak and appeasing towards America’s foes. Since taking office, Biden’s administration has witnessed the resurgence of cartels at the southern border and increased aggression from North Korea, Iran, and China. The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and the subsequent chaos paved the way for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and emboldened Iran’s proxy, Hamas, to unleash attacks on Israel.

Gorka warns that the world is once again on fire due to the leadership of “cowards” who do not understand the existence of evil and the need to confront it. He concludes with a sense of urgency, questioning whether America can endure until January 20, 2025, and expressing doubt in the capabilities of the current administration.

In this thought-provoking piece, Gorka paints a vivid picture of Trump’s legacy of peace and strength, positioning it as the antithesis to Biden’s weaknesses. The article serves as a rallying call for conservatives to recognize the importance of strong leadership in navigating the challenges of today’s world.

Written by Staff Reports

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