Biden’s Black Voter Crisis: Dems’ Desperate Bid for 2024 Comeback

It’s no secret that the Democratic Party is in deep trouble when it comes to winning over black voters, and President Joe Biden may be feeling the heat as they continue to lose support from this crucial voting bloc. The 2022 midterm elections saw a significant decline in black voter turnout, especially in cities like Philadelphia, where precincts with a high black population saw a whopping 20-point drop in vote totals. Yikes! If this trend continues into 2024, it could spell disaster for Biden’s reelection hopes in battleground states.

Elected Democrats are sweating bullets over this troubling shift, with one telling the Wall Street Journal, “I am absolutely concerned. Frankly, I am extremely concerned. This is a huge problem.” And they’re right to be worried! A New York Times and Siena College poll revealed that 22% of black voters in critical battleground states are considering giving their vote to former President Donald Trump in the next election. That’s a big jump from the 8% he got in 2020! If this keeps up, Biden’s chances of staying in the White House are looking pretty shaky.

To make matters worse for the Dems, black voters aren’t exactly feeling the love from Team Biden. Wage gains for black workers have cooled off significantly, with median weekly earnings rising just 4.2% compared to a 10.3% gain last year. Ouch! And let’s not forget about the record-high unemployment rate for black workers and the harsh impact of inflation on black communities. It’s no wonder black voters are feeling disenchanted with the current state of affairs!

In a desperate attempt to win back the hearts of black voters, the Democratic National Committee and the Biden campaign are pulling out all the stops. They’ve started pouring money into voter registration, outreach, and advertising targeted at black and Latino communities. The DNC even dropped a cool $25 million on TV ads in cities with large black and Latino populations. Talk about pulling out all the stops!

And who else are they turning to in their time of need? None other than Vice President Kamala Harris, the first black VP! She’s been hitting the road on her “Fight for Our Freedoms” college bus tour, not to mention making appearances at events for historically black organizations. But when pressed about the growing disconnect between black voters and the Biden administration, Harris brushed off the concerns, saying, “Why don’t you talk to me after 2024?”

So, will the Democrats be able to win back the support of black voters and secure Biden’s reelection? Only time will tell, but they’ve definitely got their work cut out for them!

Written by Staff Reports

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