Hezbollah Attacks Israel: Biden’s Feeble Deterrence Fails Again

Monday witnessed yet another brazen display of aggression from Iran-backed terrorists, Hezbollah, as they launched attacks against Israel from Lebanon. These cowardly terrorists fired anti-tank missiles and continued their barrage of mortar fire across Israel’s northern border. It’s clear that the Iranian regime has turned the Middle East into their personal playground for terrorism.

The cities of Haifa and Kiryat Shmona have now become prime targets for these Hezbollah thugs. In fact, Kiryat Shmona had to be evacuated, along with several other towns on the northern border, last month after the brutal slaughter carried out by Hamas. It’s a sad reality that innocent civilians are paying the price for the escalating aggression of Iran-backed terrorist groups.

What’s even more troubling is that these attacks are evidence of Iran’s complete lack of fear or deterrence. They are openly encouraging Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations to escalate the situation, risking a major regional war. Tehran’s regime clearly sees themselves as the puppet master, pulling the strings and orchestrating chaos in the Middle East.

It’s worth noting that the Biden administration’s feeble attempt at dissuading Iran and its proxies from further violence is failing miserably. Just like their “Do not come” message to illegal immigrants crossing the border, their words hold no weight or consequence. It’s clear that the Biden administration lacks the strength and resolve to protect American interests and our allies.

Joe Truzman, a research analyst at FDD’s Long War Journal, has observed a concerning pattern of Hezbollah’s increased attacks on Israel’s northern front compared to assaults by Palestinian terrorist groups in the south. Israel has been forced to adopt a defensive stance, only responding to Hezbollah’s attacks. However, if the conflict escalates further, there may come a point where Israel has no choice but to launch a broader response in Lebanon to protect its citizens.

Moreover, Truzman also highlights that Iran’s terrorist proxies are growing increasingly anxious about the future of Hamas. Israel’s successful operations in the Gaza Strip have caused quite a stir among Tehran’s bloodthirsty tentacles in the Middle East, including Hezbollah. It seems that even terrorists are starting to doubt the strength of Hamas in the face of Israeli resolve.

In conclusion, the world must recognize the dangerous game being played by Iran and its terrorist proxies. Their escalations and attacks against Israel demonstrate their desire for regional dominance and control. The Biden administration must abandon its weak approach and take decisive action to protect American interests and our loyal ally, Israel. Only through strong leadership and unwavering resolve can we confront the terrorist menace in the Middle East and ensure the safety and security of innocent lives.

Written by Staff Reports

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