Biden’s Border Blunder: Disney Employees Arrested in Massive Trafficking Bust

Despite President Biden’s claims that the southern border is closed, it is clear that his policies have resulted in disastrous consequences for the American people. In a shocking revelation, Florida authorities have announced the largest human trafficking bust in the history of Polk County, with 219 individuals, including illegal immigrants, a high school teacher, and even three Disney employees, being arrested.

Sheriff Grady Judd, the hero of this story, made it clear that out of the 119 prostitutes apprehended, 21 were potentially victims of human trafficking. Shockingly, two suspects who were charged with human trafficking were found to be in the country illegally. This is just further proof that Biden’s lax approach to border security is allowing dangerous criminals to exploit vulnerable individuals.

It is absolutely disgraceful that President Biden continues to ignore the need for securing our border. As a result, deadly cartels are profiting an astounding $13 billion every year through their human trafficking operations. These heartless criminals are capitalizing on Biden’s failed policies, which have turned our border into a gateway for illegal activities.

One of the arrested suspects, Freddy Escalona, shamelessly admitted to authorities that he had been involved in transporting multiple women for his own profit. He preyed on their desperation by offering loans for vehicle repairs and then forced them into prostitution to repay him. This is the grim reality that Biden’s open border policies have enabled.

Sheriff Judd pointed out that this operation alone led to the identification of 45 human trafficking victims, bringing the total for this year up to a staggering 45. It is sickening to think of the countless lives that are being destroyed as a direct result of Biden’s refusal to take action.

Even more disturbing is the fact that some of the suspects arrested during this operation were employees of Disney, one of the most beloved companies in America. This shows that no sector of society is immune to the reach of human trafficking. Biden’s irresponsible policies have allowed these criminal networks to infiltrate even the most innocent of places.

The scale of this human trafficking bust, coupled with the alarming increase in victims this year, is concrete evidence that Biden’s open border policies have created a violent war against women and children. It is high time that the Biden administration takes responsibility for the havoc it has unleashed and strengthens our border security to protect the American people. Our safety and the integrity of our nation depend on it.

Written by Staff Reports

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