Biden’s Border Fiasco: Aliens Assault Woman in Palm Beach, Sheriff Outraged

In a shocking turn of events, three illegal aliens from Guatemala have been arrested for kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman in Palm Beach County. Marcos Felipe Ramirez, Darniel Ordónez Jimenez, and Andres Felipe Morales are facing charges of sexual battery, false imprisonment, and conspiracy after allegedly abducting the woman near a local park. This horrific crime serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of open borders.

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw did not hold back his frustration over the Biden administration’s failure to secure the border. He emphasized the link between illegal immigration and crimes like this heinous assault, pointing out that the individuals likely entered the country through Mexico without detection. Bradshaw’s criticism of the lax border policies is a wake-up call to the government to prioritize the safety and security of American citizens.

The sheriff’s concerns about dangerous gangs infiltrating American communities are valid, especially with reports of MS-13 and other criminal organizations making their presence known, even in nearby Miami. Bradshaw’s warning about the potential threats posed by these gangs underscores the urgent need for effective border control measures to keep communities safe and crime rates low.

Bradshaw’s mention of the alarming number of “gotaways” who evade border patrol scrutiny and enter the country unlawfully highlights the chaos and lack of accountability under the current administration. The influx of illegal aliens, estimated to be around eight million since Biden took office, has created a national security crisis that must be addressed promptly and effectively.

It’s time for the Biden administration to prioritize the safety and well-being of American citizens over political agendas. The events in Palm Beach County serve as a stark reminder of the real-world consequences of porous borders and unchecked illegal immigration. It’s high time for decisive action to secure our borders and protect our communities from the dangers posed by criminal elements exploiting the system for their benefit.

Written by Staff Reports

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