Biden’s Crane Fiasco: National Security Risk in Disguise?

In what some are calling a naive attempt at portraying strength, President Joe Biden is touting his February order as a move to prevent Chinese-made cranes from spying on or sabotaging port operations. The move comes after years of the Biden administration turning a blind eye to the threat of Chinese espionage and economic warfare. While the administration is trying to spin this as a win for national security, real Americans know better than to trust the political theater coming out of the White House.

By allowing Chinese-made cranes to operate in our ports, the Biden administration is putting our national security at risk. The Chinese government has a long history of using their technology to steal our intellectual property and spy on our businesses and government. It’s a wonder how the administration could be so clueless to the potential dangers posed by these cranes. It’s clear that Biden’s order does more harm than good, despite the misguided attempt to convince the American people otherwise.

This move is just the latest in a string of misguided decisions by the Biden administration. From border security to foreign policy, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the White House lacks the understanding and backbone needed to protect our country. While President Biden may think he’s boosting overall security with this order, the reality is that his actions are putting our nation at risk. It’s time for real leadership in the White House – leadership that puts America first and understands the true threats we face.

Written by Staff Reports

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