Biden’s Free Flight Fiasco: Illegals Now Jetting Straight to Any US City!

The implementation of a novel initiative by the Biden administration has the potential to significantly impact the issue of illegal immigration. Within this scheme, immigrants have the opportunity to employ the application provided by the administration to choose a specific location. Subsequently, they are able to embark on "ghost flights" that transport them to their preferred city within the United States.

Based on data provided by the Center for Immigration Studies, it has been observed that a total of more than 210,000 applications have undergone processing procedures since the commencement of the year. This figure is almost equivalent to the population size of Rochester, New York. The substantial volume of applicants gives rise to apprehensions regarding the prospective surge of undocumented immigrants entering the nation.

In a recent article, Todd Bensman, an immigration expert, elucidates that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) actively promotes the utilization of the CBP One smartphone application by individuals wanting to cross the border unlawfully. This approach encourages them to schedule meetings with US officials at land ports of entry, rather than engaging in unauthorized border crossings. After the appointments have been scheduled, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grants permission for these individuals who are deemed inadmissible to enter the American side through land ports.

Subsequently, they are promptly granted "parole" and are permitted to travel to any city of their preference within the interior of the nation. The research posits that this practice effectively circumvents media scrutiny by enabling immigrants to directly enter American cities via air travel, so avoiding public observation of their border crossing on foot.

Nevertheless, a concerning element of this program lies in the lack of transparency from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regarding the specific destinations to which these immigrants are being relocated. Bensman's findings indicate that the acquired documents contain data pertaining to the overall count of immigrants and their respective nations of origin. However, the records do not disclose the precise destinations within cities that these immigrants will be relocating to. Certain urban areas are currently witnessing a substantial increase in the number of undocumented immigrants due to the implementation of this particular policy. Indeed, a single city of unknown identity has thus far accounted for the majority of the incoming flights.

Moreover, the paper highlights that this program has been extended to individuals from Haiti, Venezuela, and Cuba. Miami appears to be the favored airport among these individuals, although the specific details on this preference have been withheld from the accessible documents. In general, this practice seems to be a deliberate effort to circumvent public scrutiny and media exposure, as migrants who enter the United States via air are not included in the monthly Border Patrol counts and receive minimal media attention.

In conjunction with the aforementioned contentious program, there have been other apprehensions voiced over the Biden administration's management of the border predicament. Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has lately levied allegations against the administration, asserting that they have engaged in the removal of razor wire that was initially put by the state in the border region of Eagle Pass. According to Abbott, this action has resulted in an increase in unauthorized immigration. Governor Abbott has taken measures to address the issue by increasing the deployment of Texas National Guard personnel to deter unauthorized border crossings and enhance the fortification of the border with additional razor wire.

In addition, certain members of the Democratic party are voicing apprehensions regarding the escalating influx of migrants into urban areas within the United States. Last month, Governor Maura Healey of Massachusetts proclaimed a state of emergency in response to the migrant crisis occurring inside her jurisdiction. The matter of illegal immigration remains a subject of intense disagreement, and the introduction of the Biden administration's new initiative is certain to generate additional discourse and disagreement.

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