Biden’s Israel Briefing: Here’s What Really Went Down!

Just hours after Joe Biden bid farewell to Israel, they wasted no time in telling him they’re ready to rock and ruin in Gaza. The Israeli forces have been keeping busy with their airstrikes, pounding targets and obliterating Hamas terrorists who dared to storm the Gaza border on October 7th and brutally murder over 1,200 innocent people. It’s truly mind-boggling how the rest of the world could be so deceived by the media’s lies, with many news outlets shamelessly suggesting that Israel actually hit a hospital in Gaza. But we all know the truth: it was just another pathetic rocket misfire by those terrorists.

As the United States prepares for what could be a full-blown regional war, the president himself weighed in on the ongoing situation. Carrier strike groups are being positioned strategically, and hundreds of thousands of Israeli troops, accompanied by tanks and other heavy artillery, have been swiftly mobilized for a lengthy urban operation.

The objective is crystal clear after the vicious attacks carried out by Hamas on October 7th: wipe out this terrorist organization entirely, both politically and militarily. Rumor has it that Hamas boasts a whopping 40,000 fighters who are itching for a street brawl. Not only that, but they’ve also been busy constructing an intricate network of terror tunnels over the years. Brace yourself, because an all-out ground war is apparently right around the corner and ready to wreak havoc.

It’s about time someone took decisive action against these bloodthirsty thugs. Hamas has brought nothing but terror and destruction to the innocent people of Gaza, not to mention their relentless rocket attacks on Israel. Israel’s determination to eliminate Hamas is commendable, and they deserve our full support in this righteous battle. It’s time to bring peace and stability to the region, and that can only happen by eradicating the cancer that is Hamas.

Written by Staff Reports

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