Biden’s Team Nods to DeSantis: Even Trump’s Fault for Inflation!

Surprisingly, Karine Jean-Pierre and the other people who manage President Biden's Twitter account agree with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis that much of the blame for the rising prices lies with former President Trump. DeSantis, who used to be seen as a strong opponent to Biden in the 2024 race but has lost support since then, used the chance to blame Washington, D.C. for the way it spends money without thinking about it. "Those careless people in Washington are burying the American dream all by themselves." You have to pay more for everything now that they borrowed, made, and spent money.

When talking about inflation, Governor DeSantis wasn't afraid to blame both President Biden and former President Trump. To show his anger, DeSantis asked, "Where is Joe Biden?" He's not to be found anywhere. You know who else is missing? Oh, Donald Trump! He needed to be here tonight on this stage. His actions added an amazing $7.8 trillion to our debt, so he owes you an explanation. That made the current inflation problem possible.

President Biden's handling of the economy and inflation issues has gotten very bad reviews, which is why the administration took advantage of the situation and thanked Governor DeSantis for putting some of the blame on Trump. Biden's administration praised DeSantis in a post on his personal account that was shared on his main Twitter account. The post said, "Couldn't agree more." Karine Jean-Pierre, who is the press secretary for the White House, has been known to tweet using Vice President Biden's account in the past.

In spite of this, not all conservatives were happy with what DeSantis said. "DeSantis is really out here carrying water for Joe Biden in front of America," wrote conservative analyst Brenden Dilley, who was upset. Really cringe!" In a similar way, Jack Posobiec said, "DeSantis let Biden off the hook for inflation and blamed it on Trump." Now, the Biden team is thanking DeSantis for what he said and spreading the video everywhere. When the White House is asked about inflation, this is what they will say. Also, Ric Grenell, who used to work for the Trump administration, said, "Biden's campaign is sending out clips of Ron DeSantis saying that Biden's inflation is Trump's fault." With this kind of desperation, DeSantis is in fifth place in New Hampshire.

A Harvard/CAPS Harris study from September found that only 35% of people think President Biden has done a good job of dealing with inflation. These terrible numbers show that more and more people are unhappy with Biden's economic policies and his inability to deal with this important problem.

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