UAW Boss Attacks Trump’s Epic Labor Achievements Before Rally

United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain has not held back in his criticism of former President Donald Trump's labor record. Fain made it clear that he believes Trump would struggle to gain the support of UAW members ahead of his visit. Fain's criticism of Trump is rooted in what he perceives as past mistreatment of the UAW. He cited instances such as Trump blaming UAW contracts during the 2008 recession and discussing moving jobs from the Midwest to the South, where workers are paid less, in 2015.

Fain's strong opinions about Trump reflect his belief that the former president is out of touch with the working class. Fain went so far as to say that he sees "no point in meeting with him," asserting that Trump lacks genuine concern for workers' values and is merely a member of the billionaire class. It's evident that Fain holds a deep-seated resentment towards Trump.

While Fain denied that his criticisms amount to an endorsement of President Joe Biden ahead of the 2024 election, it appears that he aligns more closely with Biden's values. Biden has shown support for UAW protesters, appearing with them and urging them to "stick with it" during a visit to the picket line. The Biden campaign has also criticized Trump's record in manufacturing and the auto industry in an advertisement.

Meanwhile, Trump appears to have other priorities. He has chosen to attend a UAW rally in Michigan rather than participating in the second 2024 Republican primary debate. This is not the first time Trump has skipped a debate, opting for a one-on-one interview instead. It appears that Trump is taking the path of least resistance and avoiding potential confrontations on the debate stage.

In summary, Fain's criticism of Trump and the UAW's reluctance to support him is a setback for the former president. It underscores the growing divide between the working class and Trump's billionaire image. As the 2024 presidential election approaches, it will be interesting to see who the UAW chooses to endorse and whether they align with Fain's views or take a different approach.



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